Why does WGHP MyFox8 keep failing to identify owners of problematic apartments?

From WGHP MyFox8 story on February 14, 2019


On February 14, WGHP MyFox8 posted to its website a story by reporter Aleksandra Bush about plans by the City of Greensboro to take over repairs of an apartment complex at which five children died in a fire in 2018. The story erroneously reported the owners of the apartment complex as Arco Realty and WGHP has failed to correct it — it is at least the third time WGHP has made this error.

“At a Minimum Housing Standards Commission meeting Thursday, Wayman announced the city would begin a process to accept bids for the repair work on the complex. Once complete, the owners, Arco Realty, would have to pay the bill.”
— Aleksandra Bush, WGHP MyFox8 , February 14, 2019 (Emphasis added.)

According to Guilford County property records, the apartments are not owned by ARCO realty. They are owned by Basil (Bill) Agapion, Sophia Agapion and Basil N. T. Agapion. (See property records below)

This error was brought to the attention of WGHP and reporter Bush by email on February 15th. A copy of the Guilford County property record showing the Agapions as the owners was included in the email. There was no reply from Bush or anyone at WGHP and more than 24 hours later, the story remains uncorrected.

This is not the first time WGHP has failed to identify the Agapions as the apartment owners. In four stories following the lethal apartment fire, WGHP either failed to identify the apartment owners at all or incorrectly identified the owner as ARCO Realty. It is hard to imagine why WGHP persists in failing to accurately report who owns these problematic apartments, but it can no longer be presumed they are not doing so out of ignorance. To report Arco Realty as the owners of the property, as WGHP did, is not only demonstrably wrong, it conceals the people actually responsible for the building—the Agapions. Why would WGHP keep doing that?

Here are the parcel records for the apartments from Guilford County showing the owners.

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Screen shot of WGHP story which erroneously identifies owners of problem apartments.