The Weekender: Socializing Edition


Many forego socializing n the chill of winter, at least when it requires leaving the house. Single degree temperatures have eased away and it’s time to get back out there. Whether you’re ready for crowded events in bars or concerts or want to eat back in with a low-key community dinner, we’ve got some ideas for you. No shame if you’d still prefer to swaddle yourself in blankets but, in that case, you might ask someone to bring over a fresh copy of Triad City Beat in print form.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament @ Gibb’s Hundred Brewing (GSO), 6 p.m.

Battle a throng of opponents in the hopes of facing off with reigning champion Ryan Hovis. This classic style competition will not allow use of dynamite, lizard or Spock. Find the event on Facebook.

Fun Home @ Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance (W-S), 8 p.m.

This Tony Award-winning musical centers on lesbian author Alison Bechdel, who struggles to write her own coming-of-age graphic autobiography. Travel through time with Alison as she reckons with her past from youth to college at Oberlin and into the present. Learn more at


The Pirate’s Jules @ Stephen D.

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