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    By using this website you understand and agree that any measures taken by the operators of this website to promote content are undertaken solely because the content is deemed by us to be noteworthy and such promotion does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the content. We may, at our discretion, promote outlandish or questionable content as a means of bringing it to public attention and such promotion does not indicate our approval or substantiation of such content as accurate, authentic or acceptable to civil society. We may link to repugnant and objectionable content as a means of bringing attention to it and such action is not an endorsement by us.

    In the event there is some content for which this website is responsible that you think is illegal or harmful to you, you agree to first contact us before taking any other action and to give us a reasonable opportunity to evaluate the content and respond. You agree to negotiate with us reasonably and in good faith if you find our response to your request inadequate before taking any other action.

  2. Proper use. You agree to use the features and facilities of this website for their intended purpose. You understand and agree that we may take whatever actions we deem appropriate in response to users who disrupt the proper operation of this website, intentionally, unintentionally, directly or indirectly, at our sole discretion.

  3. No pornography. Pornography, whether through a third party feed or posted directly to this site, will be removed and/or blocked if it comes to our attention. The operators of this website are the sole arbiters of what constitutes pornography for this purpose and this provision does not obligate us to meet your expectations for suitable content.

  4. No spam. The areas of this website that allow for user-provided content are not to be abused. Spamming or otherwise attempting to abuse the facilities of this website beyond the intended normal use of the facilities of this website is prohibited. We may also, at our sole discretion, throttle or block third party feeds that advertise or promote commercial products or services as we see fit.

  5. Technical fitness and compatibility The means by which you access or feed information to this site (such as RSS feeds), must be technically compatible with this site. Means of access or sources of information that are technically deficient may, at our discretion, be removed or blocked.

  6. It is your responsibility to know the rules. You agree to abide by these and other rules that may be instituted in the future. It is your responsibility to stay informed of the rules.

  7. Privacy. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the the privacy policy below.

  8. Violations. Violations of the terms of use may result in blocking your access to this site, suspension or removal of feeds and, if necessary, legal action.

  9. Suitability. The third party sources for this site may be curated for suitability at the sole discretion of the site’s curator. In general, we may remove content that is technically incompatible, is not significantly local, either in content or source, is deceptive, is repetitive or is duplicative.

  10. Severability. Should any provisions of these terms be found unenforceable, the remainder will remain in full effect.

Report violations: Please report violations of the terms of use to curator@greensboro101.com


Third Party Privacy.
This website links to the websites of third parties and may use the services of third parties who have their own privacy policies that we do not control. You acknowledge that we have no control over the privacy policies of third parties and that it is your responsibility to configure your software to conform to your privacy expectations. We are not responsible for the practices of the websites that feed content to this website.

This Website’s Privacy Policies.
The manner in which we handle information about you or from you can generally be described as follows:

Blog Feeds/News Feeds/Social Media
Information appearing on this website through feeds from other public sources is public here.

Information You Provide to this Website
This website has facilities that allow you to provide information expressly for public display. Information you provide for display on this website is public. By way of example, these may include classified ads, comments, events and blog posts.

Private Communications with Us
Any personal information you provide to us in communications to us related specifically to your use of this website will generally be kept confidential and your information will not be shared with third parties unless necessary to complete a request you make of us or with your explicit or implied consent. Communications to the operators or employees of this website not specifically about your use of this website are excepted from this provision.

Computer/Internet Information
As is common, this website collects information from your computer when you visit. This information may include your IP address, the type of web browser you are using, what pages you viewed, dates and times. This information may be reviewed by us in aggregate to evaluate website performance, evaluate advertising, and improve the user experience. Aggregated anonymized information may be shared publicly or with third parties. Records of a specific visitor may be viewed by us for troubleshooting or to identify disruptive users. Computer information of this type identifying a specific visitor is private and will be shared with third parties only under the “Exceptions” described below.

This website uses cookies, small files stored on your computer, to enhance the user experience. Cookies are used to keep track of your configuration preferences for this website, for example. These files usually do not contain any information that can identify you. The ability for other parties to view these files depends on the security of your computer or device.

We do not use any type of technology to track or identify your activities on websites not owned or operated by us.

How We May Use Your Information.
You may choose to use this website anonymously or you may provide some information such as your email address and name to join the site in order to access certain features. Information you provide when joining may allow other parties to contact you; for example, in reply to an advertisement you post or as an internal message to you. This will generally be accomplished without revealing your email address unless you explicitly post it although certain individuals may also have access to your user information should you participate in a feature they control (see Group Administrators below, for example).

We may, from time to time and at our sole discretion, communicate to you by internal message or email with information about this website or other properties we operate. Other than for our purposes or to facilitate the operations of features on this website or other properties we operate, we will not provide your information to third parties unless compelled to do so by a lawful order or as an exception noted below.

Group Administrators
You may choose to join groups hosted by us but administered by other people. Group administrators may include members of the general public who are not bound to this privacy policy. They may have access to information you provide when you join this site, such as your name and email address. They are responsible for how that information is used. If you have questions about their use of your information, contact them directly.

Exceptions to our Privacy Policy
Hacking, spamming, or other attempts to disable or disrupt the intended purpose or functionality of this website may result, at our sole discretion, in the sharing of whatever information we deem necessary with computer experts, attorneys, courts, law enforcement or other parties to protect our interests or pursue legal action.

If compelled by a Constitutionally lawful order, we may have no choice but to provide information we have about you to law enforcement agencies or courts.

All user information may be transferred to a third party in the event that this website, or this website under any other name, should be sold to, otherwise acquired by or merged with a third party.

No Guarantees. The policies described herein are our goals regarding your privacy. While we attempt to protect your information as described above, we are not responsible for stolen, hacked or other release, use or misuse of your information, whether inadvertent or intentional. By using this website, you agree to hold harmless the owners, operators, employees and affiliates of this website for any harm caused by the release or use of any information in our possession or through the facilities of this website.