Press release: Smoke Alarm Saturday 2019

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Smoke Alarm Saturday 2019
The Greensboro Fire Department will be participating in the 2nd annual “Smoke Alarm Saturday 2019” campaign on June 1. “Smoke Alarm Saturday 2019” is North Carolina’s only one-day, statewide, smoke alarm canvassing event to bring awareness of the need to have working smoke alarms and to help our communities be as safe as possible in case of a fire in their home. Last year, 134 people lost their lives because of fire related incidents, and that is 134 too many.

Every Greensboro Fire Department company and crew will participate in this event with a goal of installing close to 200 smoke alarms in a single day in the city. Companies will canvass the neighborhoods they serve from 10 am until 12 pm on June 1 with a goal of at least five smoke alarms per company.
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