Pay Attention, America!

“Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find”.  The headline says it all.  The famed Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world is dying.  It had been predicted for some time that this would happen should the oceans continue to warm.  However, this level of destruction was not expected to happen for another 30 years.

It is obvious to all thoughtful people that the cause is climate change brought on by human burning of fossil fuels.  The adverse impact will extend far beyond the destruction of corrals and the sea life that depends on them.  We are witnessing the melting of the ice caps and rising sea levels which will destroy coastal habitats as well as changing and extreme weather patterns that will adversely affect our agriculture and living patterns.

The Paris Climate Accords was significant in that the world had finally agreed to act to reduce human contribution to acceleration of the warming of the earth.  The switch to green sources of energy had begun as the industry began to become a significant source of employment.  Then along comes Trump (didn’t really want to talk about him) who pans the Paris Accords, appoints EPA detractor, Scott Pruitt, to head the agency, approves pipelines that carry tar sands oil and roll back auto fuel efficiency standards; all within the first two months of taking office.

We must not allow the Washington sideshow to distract us.  We will survive the shortsightedness of this administration in the short term but the long-term implications are not good.  This may well be an Extinction Level Event, ELE, in not so slow motion.  History will not be kind to these men and the earth may not be kind to mankind.