Outling sneers at request to rectify his ethics code violations

GREENSBORO, NC — City Council representatives in Greensboro are not allowed to withdraw from official actions for secret reasons. The city council’s code of ethics says that elected officials are to abide by the city’s conflict of interest ordinance. That ordinance (Sec. 4.131)  says officials who have a conflict of interest must withdraw from consideration of the conflicting matter and not vote on it. But they have to explain to the public what their conflict is, on the public record of the city council says the ethics code, and any council person who conceals such a financial interest “shall be guilty of malfeasance in office or position and shall forfeit his office or position.”

On August 15, 2017, Councilman Justin Outling excused himself from two votes on city contracts, one for Level 3 Communications and the other for United Healthcare. He did so without explaining why he was withdrawing. He kept those reasons secret, a violation of city’s conflict of interest ordinance. Watch what happens when this citizen asks him to rectify that ethics violation by explaining in public the nature of his conflicts.


7 Comments on "Outling sneers at request to rectify his ethics code violations"

  1. And of course Mayor Vaughan and the rest of Council failed to act.

  2. what are the next steps?

  3. That look on his face says everything one needs to know. My goodness. This is a clear cut case of problematic ethical conflicts and for him to refuse to answer a constituent is very troubling.

  4. Billy Jones is a true American and will save us.

  5. Tommy Seabolt | October 25, 2017 at 8:19 pm |

    This is disgusting! I’m with Dang, what are the next steps? Roch, thanks for exposing this ethics violation.

  6. As far as next steps, that depends on who is acting. Council can and should take an interest and police their own. Will they demonstrate their concern for ethics to go beyond anything more than lip service?

    Citizens have other recourse ranging from recall petitions to formal actions through administrative and legal channels.

  7. Thank you Roch! I do believe that it is now time to address the blatant disregard for the office and policies which are supposed to represent us.. Outling’s refusal to answer you, paired with council’s silent support is reminiscent of Mike Barber clearing the dais when confronted with the city”s violation of bidding procesureds in favor of DGI. council’s growing defiance towards ethics iand laws has reached alarming levels Which can no longer be ignored. I am in .

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