Now we know just how full of it Nancy Vaughan and Justin Outling were

“There is nothing we can do next.”
– Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan

GREENSBORO, NC — This morning, I wrote about how disingenuous it was for Mayor Nancy Vaughan and council district 3 representative Justin Outling to tell the public that there was nothing they could do to release police body camera video of the arrest of 15 year-old Jose Charles on July 4th in downtown Greensboro last year.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan tells press she wishes police video could be made public and there is nothing more to do (video)

Vaughan had told reporters, “I wish we had the ability to release the video,” and “There is nothing we can do next.”

Outling told the Rhino Times it was “out of the control of the City Council.”

Today, the city of Winston-Salem released police body camera video it went before a judge to get released. The judge agreed with Winston-Salem that release of the video was in the public interest. This was exactly the kind of action I wrote Vaughan and Outling could take if they were genuinely interested in releasing the Charles video.

Instead Vaughan and Outling fretted and pretended it was out of their hands. They are full of it, as Winston-Salem just proved.

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