News Release: Water Service Interruption and Do Not Drink Advisory


CITY OF GREENSBORO Contact: Mike Borchers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: 336-430-6293

Water Service Interruption and Do Not Drink Advisory

GREENSBORO, NC (January 10, 2018) – Due to an improper water connection to the City’s distribution system that was not protected by a backflow device, a cross-contamination event occurred with the City’s system in the 2600 block of Phoenix Drive. This has resulted in a prolonged interruption of water service for approximately 32 businesses and 2-3 residential customers. Water service is expected to be restored within the hour; however, customers in the affected area should not consume the water until further notice. Water is safe for non-potable uses such as bathing and washing clothing.

For the next 24-36 hours, Water Resources staff will be flushing lines and completing water quality testing to ensure safety of the water. Customers will be notified when testing is complete and water is safe to drink. Bottled water will be provided to residential customers who are impacted.

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Kimberly J. Sowell, Business Division Manager
Water Resources Department
City of Greensboro
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