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State Lawmakers Support City of Greensboro with Beneficial Legislation

GREENSBORO, NC (July 12, 2017) – Greensboro City officials are celebrating the adoption of SB 8, which was signed by Governor Cooper. The new law will enable the City of Greensboro and the Westin Hotel to move forward with plans for a downtown hotel and parking garage that will span February One Place at Davie Street. This will be a transformative project, bringing millions of dollars in investment and returns.
The unique nature of this project required a specific exception to the Building Code, which could only be accomplished by an act of the General Assembly, and since early March, City staff worked on multiple fronts to get this done.
The City relied on Senator Trudy Wade and Representative Jon Hardister who recognized the value of this project, and they worked tirelessly to get this critical legislation passed. Rep. Hardister carried the bill in the House, and Sen. Wade carried the bill in the Senate. Their skillful legislative maneuvering resulted in this legislation moving from HB 374 to SB 8, which was ultimately passed at 1:26 am, just moments before the General Assembly adjourned in the early morning hours of June 30, 2017. The final passage of this legislation could not have been possible without Rep. Hardister, Sen. Wade, and Sen. Phil Berger steering it to success.
The City of Greensboro thanks Senator Wade and Representative Hardister for their efforts and thanks the entire Guilford Delegation for the hard work they do in securing beneficial legislation for Greensboro.
Special thanks go to City of Greensboro Building Inspector, Julius Register, who prepared the necessary language and expertly guided the project. The City also thanks Zack Matheny and lobbyist, Johnny Tillett, and his team at McGuire Woods Consulting for their diligent and determined efforts on Greensboro’s behalf.
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