News Release: Sewer Line Smoke Testing in Guilford College Road and Meadowood Street Area Begins June 1

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Sewer Line Smoke Testing in Guilford College Road and Meadowood Street Area Begins June 1

GREENSBORO, NC (May 28, 2021) – From Tuesday, June 1 and continuing through Thursday, June 10, City contractor Hydrostructures PA will perform sewer line smoke testing. Check out the map attached for the testing schedule and locations, which includes Edwardia Drive, Meadowood Street, W. Wendover Avenue, W. Market Street, Dolly Madison Road, and Guilford College Road.

During testing, a non-toxic smoke will be introduced into manholes, eventually flowing into sewer lines. Any open breaks in the City’s sewer collection system as well as improper connections (like roof downspouts) will be identified by the presence of smoke.

The smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, white to gray in color, has a slight odor, and creates no fire hazard. City water and sewer service customers are advised to pour a gallon of water into every sink, tub, and floor drain that is not used on a daily basis before June 1. This will fill the p-traps and ultimately prevent smoke from entering into their building.

Motorists traveling in the project locations may experience some minor traffic delays. Dates and times may change due to weather or last-minute changes in the work schedule.

The job is part of the City’s ongoing Sewer Rehabilitation Program<>, which is funded by water and sewer rates.

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