City campaign finds more than 5,000 residential recycling violations


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“Recycle Right” Campaign Reaches More Than 5K Households

GREENSBORO, NC (November 8, 2018) – Since July, Field Operations’ Waste Reduction Team has inspected 18,500 recycling containers in an effort to reduce the amount of nonrecyclable material going into the Recycling Center. This Recycle Right campaign has provided extra recycling education to thousands of households and found more than 5,000 times people didn’t follow the City’s recycling rules.

The Waste Reduction Team issued warnings to residents who didn’t have the proper items in their recycling cans. The violations are not a fine – they’re intended to remind residents of the recycling guidelines to make sure the right materials go to the Recycling Center. After three violations, 14 households had their cans removed. Residents who had their cans removed can get them back after they meet with the Waste Reduction Team.

The City has about 90,000 recycling cans that it services. As of November 5, the Recycle Right Campaign has issued:

n 5,306 first-time violations

n 371 second-time violations

n 57 third-time violations.

Citywide, about 22 percent of the material people put in recycling cans is not recyclable. That figure is worse than national averages of 5 to 10 percent.

“We found homes across the city used their recycling cans to toss out items like plastic bags and Styrofoam, which cannot be recycled in Greensboro, as well as food waste and other garbage that should be placed in a trash can,” said Tori Carle, waste reduction supervisor for Field Operations. “It’s important to recycle right. Putting the wrong items in your recycling cans is dangerous for staff and the equipment at the recycling center. It also makes our recyclables less attractive on the retail market, which means Greensboro earns less for recycling materials.”

Residents who need help recycling, should download the GSOCollects app, which provides recycling collection reminders and a search feature to find out what can be recycled. For more information, visit<>.

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