News Release: Greensboro and High Point Team Up With New Youth Football League


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Greensboro and High Point Team Up With New Youth Football League
GREENSBORO, NC (May 13, 2019) – Greensboro and High Point Parks and Recreation departments have teamed up to launch R.E.D. Zone, a joint youth football league that emphasizes “recreation, education, and development” for children 7-12. Greensboro residents can sign up online at<>. The deadline to register for youth football and cheerleading is July 26.

“R.E.D. Zone will expand opportunities for youth in both cities to play new and different competition, develop physically, mentally and emotionally, and learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development.”, said Greensboro Athletics Superintendent Austin Homan. “We are excited about this partnership with High Point Parks & Recreation. This will be a high quality tackle football program that truly values recreation, education, and development.”

The league will follow national best practices in coaching for player safety, practice planning and player movements. Every coach will get the USA Football Heads Up Football training, which covers issues such as concussion recognition and response, heat and hydration preparedness, proper equipment fitting, and communication skills.

“Football is a contact sport. Keeping our players safe so they can enjoy the game is our top priority. It’s something we emphasize every day,” said High Point Athletics Director Tyler Cole. “The Heads Up Football training will bring our coaches to the next level.”

R.E.D. Zone has rules meant to increase player participation. The joint program is an unlimited weight league, and players over the designated weight to play a skill position will play interior line positions only. A “must play” rule dictates that every player will play one full quarter on offense and defense per game.

High Point and Greensboro Parks and Recreation will keep their existing team names. Weekday games will be against in-town teams and all other games will be played on the weekend.

“R.E.D. Zone players will get to compete against teams in our area, without the expense of joining a travel league,” Homan said.

Greensboro children are invited to participate in a free, pre-season football camp on Saturday, June 1, at Jaycee Park, 3802 Jaycee Park in Greensboro. Registration starts at 9 am, and the camp will begin promptly at 10 am. Parents and guardians can sign up children for R.E.D. Zone at the camp.

High Point children are invited to participate in a free, pre-season football camp the week of July 15-18, at High Point Athletic Complex, 2920 School Park Rd. Camp starts each day at 6 pm. Pre-register for camp or register on site before camp starts. Parents and guardians can sign up children for the R.E.D. Zone League during camp.

Registration is also underway for fall cheerleading. Children ages 5-12 may participate.

For more information about Greensboro youth sports or to register your child, visit<>.

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