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City Council Adopts Action Plan to Reduce Traffic Fatalities and Serious Injuries

GREENSBORO, NC (May 22, 2019) – At its May 21 meeting, the Greensboro City Council unanimously adopted the Vision Zero Greensboro Two-Year Action Plan, a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach to dramatically reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries through infrastructure improvements, policy changes, enforcement, education, and community engagement. The plan is available at<>.
“By implementing Vision Zero Greensboro, the City recognizes that traffic fatalities and serious injuries are largely preventable,” said Mayor Nancy Vaughan. “The City recognizes that reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries will take time, effort, resources, and the community’s help. Let’s work together to make Greensboro safer!”

Vision Zero is an international initiative first implemented in Sweden in the 1990s. Greensboro will join 34 Vision Zero cities across the United States in the effort. By 2040, Vision Zero Greensboro aims to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by reducing these incidents a little each year.

The Two-Year Action plan was developed with the help of community stakeholders and consultants, who analyzed traffic crash data. It focuses on several areas for safety improvements: speed and keeping drivers alert, running off-road crashes, and protecting every road user, especially the most vulnerable. The plan takes into account comments from hundreds of residents, who identified distracted drivers, running red lights and speeding as their top safety concerns in an online survey.

The plan identifies strategies that Greensboro, partner agencies, and community groups will work on over the next two years to meet the death and injury reduction goals. It also identifies a “high injury network” – areas identified by data analysis where it is a high priority to invest resources in roadway improvements and other efforts.

“We have identified 40 strategies we can deploy in the next two years,” said Adam Fischer, director of the Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT), which has led the Vision Zero Greensboro effort. “We’re going to expand our data collection and analysis, employ community policing methods to reinforce and incentivize safe behaviors, implement a rapid-response task force, re-establish automated camera red-light violation enforcement, research the possibility of automated speed enforcement, and much more. We are going to have to make Vision Zero a top priority in our community and take bold actions if we are going to significantly reduce fatal crashes.”

The City has already begun working on some of the strategies, including advocating a proposed hands-free driving law and encouraging residents to be part of the solution by taking the Vision Zero Greensboro pledge to stay safe.

“Hundreds of local residents and City employees have already taken the pledge to always wear their seat belt, drive a safe speed, and avoid distractions while behind the wheel,” said Councilwoman Marikay Abuzuaiter, who served on a Vision Zero Greensboro working group. “We want even more to join us while we take the Vision Zero Greensboro message out to the larger community in the next few months.”

For more information on Vision Zero Greensboro, to read the Two-Year Action Plan, or take the pledge, visit<>.

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