New Release: “A MSG 2 Die 4” Live Crash Drama Sends Anti-texting Message

“A MSG 2 Die 4” Live Crash Drama Sends Anti-texting Message

GREENSBORO, NC (April 16, 2018) – Grimsley High School students will get an up-close look at the tragic consequences of texting while driving a live crash scenario, called “A MSG 2 Die 4” this Thursday, April 19, 2018.
Weather permitting, students will experience the heartbreaking accident re-creation beginning at 3:10 pm at 801 Westover Terrace at Grimsley High School.
The event represents partnerships between first responders, Guilford County schools, and business owners concerned about the dangers of this unsafe practice.
“The live crash scenario is extremely realistic,” said Officer JB Price, Traffic Safety educator with the Greensboro Police Department. “This simulation includes police, fire, and EMS managing the fatal accident scene just as if it were real. We will be moving at the same speed, using the same equipment, and taking the same actions as if this were an actual crash.”
To add even more realism to the scenario, the event is preceded by four short videos written by and starring Grimsley students. Through these vignettes, the students share glimpses into the life of a fictitious peer who faces the deadly consequences of texting while driving.
This is the fifthteenth “A MSG 2 Die 4” presented at Guilford County schools in the past four years. In addition to a previous re-creation at Grimsley High School School, similar events were held at Page High School and Western Guilford High.
“Our goal is to make a lifelong impression on these students about the dangers of texting while driving,” said Price. “We want to eliminate this deadly habit and save lives.”
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