How & Why


Our purpose.
Since 2004, Greensboro 101 has been and remains a resource for local news, information, opinion and citizens’ media from Greensboro, N.C. Its purpose is to promote quality local content, provide an efficient mechanism for finding local content, to drive audiences to sources of local content, and to provide a platform for publishing and disseminating information and ideas about local subjects or by local people.

We accomplish this in a number of ways.

Excerpting and linking.
We gather publicly available information from local sources, excerpt it and link to it. We DO NOT display third-party content in its entirety or to an extent significant enough to replace or substitute for the original content unless it is provided, explicitly or implicitly, for use in its entirety or, in some cases, where the original content is so minimal as to require that a useful excerpt constitute the entirety of the original content.

Unlike search engines, we do not deploy bots to explore sites, we only automatically visit what sources invite the public to visit through their public RSS or Atom feeds.

Press releases.
We receive press releases and publish them, usually without editorial intervention. Add us to your list here.

Original content.
We publish content original to this site by authoring our own media and by allowing user submissions such as comments, listings, and stand-alone submissions.*

To serve the dual purposes of providing a broad view of local ideas and information and to simultaneously help people see and understand the important currents of ideas, information and issues we provide a “raw” feed while also elsewhere applying our extensive local knowledge to manually position noteworthy content in places of prominence (a process we call curation, like what a museum curator does).

We strive to be accommodating of the widest range of sources and perspectives as possible. We do have a few criteria though that can be found here. It should also be noted that, when it comes to us promoting certain content, we may, at our discretion, promote outlandish or questionable content as a means of bringing it to public attention and such promotion does not indicate our approval or substantiation of such content as accurate, authentic or acceptable to civil society. We may link to repugnant and objectionable content as a means of bringing attention to it and such action is not an endorsement by us.

Our use of third-party content.
We collect and cache titles, images and excerpts from other sources. We utilize these materials under the principles of fair-use to describe and illustrate the content at the original source to which we link. We take care to assure that, where third party content is displayed by us, it is done so in a way that any interaction by users with that display will deliver the user to the source from which it came, much like search engines. (An exception to this is for images that we have rights to use through creative commons license, public domain or other permission that we may attach to titles and excerpts that link to other parties. Images used in this manner will not link to their original source.)

Any images cached and displayed by us because of their attachment to or inclusion with a story, article or post by you are used by us exclusively and solely for illustrating and accompanying the titles and excerpts that link to you. In other words, we try to make sure that your images do not accompany a title or excerpt that links to another party; rather, your images are intended by us to remain exclusively as illustrations showing the way your content. We may, at our discretion, attach to titles, excerpts and links our own images or third-party images that we are allowed to use in this way. This means that titles and excerpts linking to you may be illustrated by images from you or by images provided by us, but it is our intention that your images should never accompany links to sources other than you. If you notice that an image of yours is accompanying a title or excerpt that does not link to you as the source or in a manner you deem impermissible, please let us know by email:

If a source has used an image belonging to you without your permission, it could end up being displayed on Greensboro 101. We are not responsible for third parties’ uses of your images. We will, however, remove an image that is being displayed on Greensboro 101 from a source that did not have your permission to use it. Just email us:

We may also edit or replace titles, descriptions and excerpts at our discretion. We are most likely to do this for clarity or emphasis.


If you have any questions please email:


*The facility to allow users to publish stand-alone articles is currently unavailable. It will return soon,.