(Homeless Union of GSO Updates) The #JusticeforMarcusSmith case will not be delayed!!!!

Supporters of the Smith Family,

Good news today from the courts! Below is a message from Lewis Pitts, the
retired civil rights attorney who the Greensboro city attorney, Chuck
Watts, personally tried to discredit and attack for being supportive of and
involved in the #justiceformarcussmith coalition. (See the press release
sent out yesterday regarding Chuck Watts). We are proud to have Lewis work
along side us as a resident of Greensboro and a sharp truth teller in the
long struggle for justice.

And we are proud that despite the city’s efforts to delay and obstruct
justice, today the courts have done the right thing and not granted the
city’s motion to stay (delay) the discovery process in the Marcus Smith
homicide case.

Now let us demand that the city settle with the Family of Marcus Smith,
obstruct justice no longer, and change the long standing pattern and
practice of violent racist Police culture in Greensboro.

A note from retired attorney Lewis Pitts:

Good Folks,
The federal Magistrate just denied in full the request by the city and
county to Stay the Marcus Smith case and allows discovery to go forward.
This is a great victory, yet again, and can let the truth start to come
out. Please spread the word.
How long will the city council waste taxpayers money on frivolous
legal BS and silk stocking lawyers to cover up the obvious facts of a
hogtying homicide? It may depend on how much we demand they do the right
Happy Revolutionary Weekend!!! Stay safe and feisty, Lewis

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*U.S. District Court*

*North Carolina Middle District*
*Notice of Electronic Filing*

The following transaction was entered on 7/2/2020 at 1:59 PM EST and filed
on 7/2/2020
*Case Name:* SMITH et al v. CITY OF GREENSBORO et al
*Case Number:* 1:19-cv-00386-LCB-JLW
*Document Number:* 75

*Docket Text:*
*ORDER signed by MAG/JUDGE JOE L. WEBSTER on 7/2/2020, that Defendants’
Joint Motion to Temporarily Stay the Start of Discovery (Docket Entry [68])
is DENIED. The Clerk shall TERMINATE the parties’ Individual Rule 26(f)
Reports (Docket Entries [67], [70]). Discovery in this matter shall
commence as set out. Discovery shall be established as Exceptional.
Mediation should be conducted early in the discovery period, the exact date
to be set by the mediator after consultation with the parties. The parties
agree to the designation of Jonathan R. Harkavy as mediator. The parties do
not consent to magistrate jurisdiction or appointment of master. Trial is
expected to take approximately 10-14 days. A jury trial has been demanded.
Parties Amended Pleadings due by 9/2/2020. Discovery due by 4/2/2021.
Joinder of Parties for Plaintiff due by 9/2/2020. Joinder of Parties for
Defendant due by 9/2/2020. Dispositive Motions due by 5/3/2021. (Garland,

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Lewis Pitts