Marcus Smith Family statement regarding the City of Greensboro’s process to pick a new Police Chief

*Statement from Mary Smith on behalf of the Smith Family regarding the City of Greensboro’s process to pick a new Police Chief*

The city of Greensboro is now considering a new police chief after the
disgraced and lying Chief Scott chose to resign rather than clean up the
mess in his department. When the city looks for a new person to hire – for
any position, but especially for important positions like Chief of Police –
they should make sure the candidates don’t have any character resembling
Chief Scott’s character.

Marcus Smith’s homicide death was crazy, unnecessary and criminal. It
should have never happened. But we lost Marcus – and that was crazy enough.

We didn’t need the lies that followed. Until we watched the body camera
footage for ourselves, we were going off what Chief Scott said – that evil,
wicked lie that our son was suicidal and combative and had collapsed. How
are we supposed to deal with the fact that we repeated Chief Scott’s lies
to our church and family thinking that it was the truth? Chief Scott knew
they killed him and that’s why he lied. He lied to the community, and he
lied to the family.

And how do we deal with the behavior of this council? The inaction? Letting
the coward Chief retire with a pension?

Marikay [Abuzuaiter] said that Marcus had “Super-Human Strength”. That’s al lie that sounds like something they said in the Rodney King days. You’re
trying to justify the police’s actions by talking like a racist.

The fact is that Marcus was polite, even when the police killed him. He was
courteous as can be. He said “Sir.” And he was not resisting police, but
they hogtied and killed him. There is no reason why Marcus needed to be
tied up worse than an animal when there were so many people on the scene and he was only asking for help. The idea that they had to hogtie him to protect him from himself is ludicrous. Michelle Kennedy had told me she’d seen him in a worse kind of state before and he lived because that time they got him help.

Michelle knew Marcus, and they all knew me over at the IRC, by name. For
you to then be silent about the police – that silence is betrayal.

And what Goldie Wells said – indicating it was his time to die. How dare
you talk to grieving families like that? What if this was your child?

The family is having a hard time dealing with this in South Carolina,
knowing how nice the people are in Greensboro – you have wonderful citizens – but how corrupt your police department is. It’s bad enough that we lost our son – we worry for everyone else’s children in Greensboro. Since his death, Marcus’s dad, George, has had health complications since he watched the tape. We believe the stress of this has contributed to his health problems. We paid for a funeral that never should of happened – out of our pockets. We had to pay the undertaker to go to Raliegh and bring his body back to South Carolina. We’ve even had to move to leave the memories that Wayne Scott left us. We moved into a new home and we took down our pictures because of the pain.

We live with this every day, and yet you’re going to let Chief Scott walk
away from this, on the tax-payer’s dime? This is the most cowardly way for
the council to act. And for him to want to walk away when the heat is on is

We don’t want this to happen to nobody else.So, we have a number of
questions for you. What ever happened to those mental health workers you

We want a law saying that mental health crises in Greensboro won’t be
treated like a criminal act, that nobody is getting hogtied, and that the
police won’t ever get to lie about the circumstances of a homicide. We want
a Marcus Smith law. And we want a monument for people harmed by the police. There’s been too many in Greensboro, and they deserve some recognition.

And why didn’t any of you do what was within your power to fix this
situation? You are the managers of this town, and you’re not living up to
your duty. It is poor taste that you made these meetings at times when the
majority of the community cannot participate. Shouldn’t the people of
Greensboro have a say?

I urge the people of Greensboro to be very careful of the chief that comes
in next and be very aware. Look at the Marcus Smith case. Do you want a
chief like Wayne Scott?

I’m sure this isn’t the first cover-up. If Chief Scott felt comfortable
doing this to a homeless person who they assumed didn’t have a family that
cared about him – then imagine what else they’ve done that we don’t know

It’s on this council to restore the city’s trust. You need to start acting
differently – and that means being transparent and not pushing more
homicides under the rug. The next Chief should be nothing like Chief Scott
and the citizens of Greensboro should be given the chance to interview him
or her. Marcus is gone, but we believe he’s gone for reason. That reason is
Chief Scott and his out of control police department. But we also believe that God can use this situation, and that it can bring a change in
Greensboro. But you – you have to act differently.

-Mary Smith


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