Greensboro police chief gives update on Safer City Initiative

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro has a violence problem, and Chief Wayne Scott knows it. In 2017, Greensboro police investigated 42 criminal homicides, more than 500 shootings and 364 overdoses, 64 of which resulted in death.

Those numbers plagued the city in 2017 and police are enlisting the community’s help to fight the opioid epidemic and violent crime heading into this year.

Greensboro created the Safer City Initiative in January 2017 in response to what Scott called an “unfortunate forecast” of a rise in violence crime across the nation and in the Triad.

“We are all being touched by it, we’ve got to get to a perspective that we all have to make a difference,” he said.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Scott updated the community on the Safer City Initiative’s progress and goals moving forward.

This year, the city plans to increase the number of neighborhood watch groups, host job fairs focusing on hiring past criminal offenders, find more people willing to mentor our city’s kids and create a culture that doesn’t allow gangs to thrive.

Violent crimes and overdoses hit an all-time high in Greensboro last year.

“Any increase or any homicide is one too many,” Scott said.

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