Durham Poll Worker Mishandles 1,900 Provisional Ballots, and Yet We Have No Election Fraud

You have seen the media/ left complex say it, repeatedly, over and over again. There is no voter fraud. But if we were to accept the premise that there is voter fraud, its extent is miniscule and insignificant.

Yesterday, WRAL reported that a poll worker in Durham pled guilty to mishandling intentionally 1,900 provisional ballots during the 2016 primary. Here are the details:

Investigators determined that Rawling ran or ordered subordinates to run provisional ballots through tabulators more than once and made manual changes to the ballot count so the results of the provisional canvass would match the number of approved provisional ballots. That was done to avoid having to report to the Durham County Board of Elections a discrepancy in the number of provisional ballots in the board’s possession and the number counted on canvass day, officials said.

1,900 votes is enough to change the outcome in lots of elections.

I do not see why we have to allow provisional ballots. Using them is the equivalent of asking for trouble. Grown-ups should be expected to register to vote before the election by a certain deadline; and if you can’t handle that simple responsibility, you can’t vote. That is not too much to ask.

Given the fact that this case was discovered in Durham, I suspect that many other instances of election fraud have gone undetected elsewhere. It is more prevalent than we know in all likelihood.

Yes, voter fraud is real, and it impacts elections. It is, in fact, a democratic socialist specialty; and one of their key strategies. That is why they use the political system and the courts to protect it. And that is why the media assists them with this task by creating the impression that voter fraud is minimal.



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