Did North Carolina Leftists Just Strike a Blow for Gun Rights?

Readers might recall that I had written several weeks ago about a couple of university professors here in North Carolina who are engaging in some highly questionable activities aiding or participating with Antifa.

One of these is Dwayne Dixon from UNC-Chapel Hill.

It turns out that Dixon has apparently been charged in Durham County because he was brandishing a firearm at a rally.

This Twitter feed reveals that his attorney(s) have apparently gotten him off the hook. The charges apparently were illegal possession of a firearm at a parade, and going armed to the terror of the public.

It was reported that both charges were dismissed on constitutional grounds. Does this precedent apply to everyone?

It is quite ironic that a left-wing political movement is using the 2nd Amendment as a defense when their side has been so vehemently opposed to gun rights. It is also ironic to see this defense when the left behaves as if it is terrorized by mere speech.

In any event, it appears the courts are not holding Mr. Dixon accountable. Once again, it is up to the UNC Board of Governors to fix this situation.