Council to discuss Greensboro’s 2017 legislative agenda


Greensboro’s City Council will discuss its 2017 legislative agenda during a work session Tuesday ahead of its regularly scheduled public meeting.

At a time when the majority of city council remains at odds with the conservative paradigm dominating Raleigh, the city’s legislative agenda lays out an aggressive vision for a variety of items including body worn cameras, sales tax redistribution and water and environmental questions related to the Jordan Lake Rules.

The legislative agenda also seeks million in state funding for local road and economic development projects, including $50 million to promote the Randolph Megasite, funding for “local and regional airports” and funds to ensure completion of the Greensboro Urban Loop in 2020.

View a copy of the city’s legislative agenda.

The city will discuss an extension of the Cascade Saloon project timeline at its regular meeting. Backers of the project say they have made some progress on the drive to rehabilitate the dilapidated structure in the center of downtown, but that despite $475,000 in taxpayer money given to the project they will not make a Dec. 31 deadline as agreed to in an Urban Development Investment Grant with the City of Greensboro.

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