Contest Calls on tech savvy Triad Residents to Create Smarter Cities

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Image courtesy of Frances Logan Photography.

Are you a programmer, application designer, or entrepreneur? Do you want to help build North Carolina’s future while winning awesome prizes? Then the US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities Reverse Pitch contest is for you.

The contest was inspired by national nonprofit organization US Ignite, which supports the development of next generation applications, services and technologies across the country to create interconnected smart gigabit communities that will use the latest technologies to solve problems of everyday life. Entrants will propose applications that use the high bandwidth and low latency of gigabit fiber infrastructure to solve one of these problems. Winners will earn a total of $38,000 worth of awards and access to professional development services to help bring their ideas to life.

“Broadband fiber optic internet is the price of entry that a city has to pay to move into the 21st century as a smart city. You’ve got to have this infrastructure,” said Joel Bennett, principal partner of business and community development team New City Ventures.

The Reverse Pitch contest is managed by New City Ventures and sponsored by information technology company North State, but it took the efforts of many groups and individuals at the national, state, city and private levels to bring the program together.