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State Supreme Court affirms legislature’s power to confirm governor’s appointments

In Cooper v. Berger, the justices ruled the state Senate does have the authority to confirm the governor’s Cabinet appointments. The opinion, by Chief Justice Mark Martin, says the Senate’s ability to reject an appointment doesn’t violate separation of powers, since the governor chooses who will serve on the Cabinet, supervises those officers, and can remove them at will.

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The jolliest hall of all: Greensboro man inducted into International Santa Claus Hall of Fame

The lifelong Guilford County resident, who first donned the Santa suit in 2006, has been inducted into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame. One of six inducted this year, Grimes joins 63 others since the hall started honoring the jolly old elf in 2010. The list includes three other North Carolina Santas, along with notable Santas such as Ed Asner, who has portrayed Santa in a variety of movies including “Elf”; Mickey Rooney, who voiced Santa in several animated shows including “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”; and Edmund Gwenn of “Miracle on 34th Street” fame.

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