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Process for drawing new congressional maps may look a lot like one used for legislative districts

Experts say the General Assembly may soon enter another round of map redraws. The speculation stems from an Oct. 28 court injunction, in which a three-judge panel in Harper v. Lewis ordered no preparations be made for the 2020 congressional elections based on 2016 maps. The fact the court was willing to stall election preparations suggests plaintiffs will likely win the case, leaving legislators to draw new maps, said Michael Bitzer, professor of politics and history at Catawba College.

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With Hardister, it’s hard not to be skeptical

Why not support a “clean” Medicaid expansion bill that involves no work requirement or premiums? Hardister mumbled something vague about instead being for better mental health and drug addiction treatment programs in North Carolina (which Medicaid expansion would, in fact, address). He also cited cost overruns in some states that have expanded Medicaid.

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