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Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition drafts city ordinance

Sanford and Judy Stadler the regulatory affairs director of TREBIC had marked up the entire 35 page International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) which the current proposed ordinance uses as the standard to which all nonresidential buildings in Greensboro have to comply. Sanford said that when they removed what didn’t apply to nonresidential buildings and what was duplicated in other regulatory codes that they had reduced the portion they considered applicable to about eight pages.

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Council Delays Economic Development Funding

As is often the case with this City Council which rarely meets, different councilmembers had different bits of information about the various appropriations to economic development agencies. It’s one of the reasons that governments, businesses and other groups trying to work together have meetings, so that everyone involved has the same information and they can hold a rational discussion. Since this Council doesn’t meet very often, it spends a lot of its time together discussing what could unkindly be described as gossip and more kindly as secondhand information.

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