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Bills would revert Guilford County school board elections to nonpartisan

To the current Guilford board’s credit, it has rarely been partisan in how it addresses most issues. Board members seem to realize that ensuring a quality education for every student in Guilford County Schools is not a red or blue proposition. But one consequence of partisan school board elections that remains in full effect is that unaffiliated candidates need not apply. Only Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians can file to run.

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City Council hearing same complaints over and over because of its failures

The assertion of the “same people” complaining about this case and the pattern of police misconduct is demonstrably untrue. The numbers, diversity by race, gender, age and style of presenting has dramatically increased in the last several years, as the video of those meetings can verify. “Regular” people, not only activists, keep coming back, because as Hoffmann’s only truthful point attests, “there’s been no resolution.”

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Judge tosses amendments to state constitution, cites illegally elected General Assembly

Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins ruled the amendments were unconstitutional because, in his view, the legislators who placed it on the ballot were “usurpers,” elected illegally. Collins noted the legislative districts in which the General Assembly members ran were declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court because the court ruled the maps relied too much on race in their design.

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