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Guilford County Schools Will Close May 1

Guilford County Schools joins a number of districts that will close for students that day, when educators across the state will convene in Raleigh to request change from state legislators on education issues. A similar event took place on May 16, 2018. As of Monday, more than 1,000 teachers had requested to take leave on May 1. A few hundred classified staff also requested the day off.

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Whatcha Cookin’ Lawsuit Takes Weird Turn

The lawsuit filed by Black Network Television (BNT) against the City of Greensboro has been on a long twisty road, and now it’s taken a freakish turn. Norman Smith of Smith, James, Rowlett and Cohen who was representing BNT not only asked that he be allowed to withdraw as the counsel for BNT in a motion filed March 25 but he also asked that two of the briefs he filed on behalf of BNT be stricken from the record.

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