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The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market Announces Summer Busking Series, Music Makers at the Market

The Market offers several opportunities for local musicians; beginning in early May and continuing throughout November the outdoor busking opportunities (weather permitting) are available to local musicians looking for an eager audience. Anchor vendors, coffee, and picnic tables are an active part of market footprint on the Lindsay Lawn and offer a wonderful morning experience every Saturday.

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Former Chief Deputy Counters Sheriff’s Claims

Melvin has remained silent about his experience under Rogers until now, but his new statements make it clear that he and Rogers have a dramatically different take on multiple key matters including whether the administration of former Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes strived to be helpful during the transition, whether the previous administration practiced racially based promotion policies, and whether an initial mass firing and related promotion practices were good for the department.

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State budget battles just getting started

Because Republicans haven’t invited Democrats to help craft the budget, and transparency was lacking until the appropriations bill was introduced, Democrats can portray the GOP as meeting behind closed doors in the dead of night, McLennan said. A similar argument undermined Republican support among some voters during legislative redistricting fights.

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