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President of the Guilford County Association of Educators says president’s proposal to arm teachers is preposterous

“The idea that we now have the ability to train and arm school teachers to deal with gun violence is ridiculous. I mean really where does it stop? The only thing that is not been addressed in this discussion is the regulation of semi-automatic weapons and that is the biggest issue that we are dealing with. We are politicians who are taking money from the NRA and the gun lobby. … So we are going to be 43rd in the nation for per people funding but all of the sudden have the ability to arm and train teachers.”

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Records document City Manager’s disturbing conduct surrounding parking decks

GREENSBORO, NC — Recently released documents reveal that City Manager Jim Westmoreland made misrepresentations to city council, to the public and in a sworn affidavit; that he suppressed information and opinions from staff and department heads that contradicted his position on the need for parking decks; and that he instructed the chief of police to deploy police personnel to gather intelligence on non-criminal matters to bolster his position (with indications the chief complied).

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Citizen Green: Poor shaming is wrong, anti-panhandler laws unconstitutional

In 2012, Greensboro City Council amended its ordinances to ban begging from traffic medians out of a professed concern for the safety of panhandlers and motorists. Three years later, a woman died because her right to ask for help was criminalized. Ellin Schott was arrested and hauled to jail by a Greensboro police officer for multiple occurrences of panhandling without a license while standing in a traffic median. She died a couple days later after being denied access to her anti-seizure medication.

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