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Senate picks General Assembly redistricting map but House makes scant progress

North Carolina’s voter map drama turned more theatrical, as state senators literally rolled out a lottery machine to randomly select their starter map. It was one of several bizarre events during the second day of House and Senate redistricting committee meetings Tuesday, Sept. 10. Members disrupted proceedings with chaotic arguments and motions. Staffers sorted map data, only to be confused by Excel spreadsheets. Legislators grandstanded before cameras.

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Group Home Revelation Coincides with the Arrival of Deputy Police Chief’s Coveted Opportunity

But it was a clear conflict of interest because he was part of the command structure within a police department that regularly would have to respond to calls at that facility. In fact, he had direct supervisory responsibility over the officers covering that part of the city. The fact that he was operating such a facility undoubtedly would require his involvement and attention when he owed Greensboro citizens all of his best efforts

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