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Former Sheriff says accusation by current Sheriff that records were destroyed before transition ‘a lie’

Barnes said that Rogers’ statement regarding the destruction of documents and removal of computers was “a lie” and he said it was one of several that Rogers told that night. “The only things I took out of there were personal items,” Barnes said. He said that no departmental records or documents or computers were removed. He also said that, if Rogers had actually bothered to check before making his false claims, he would know that. The former sheriff also said that he wasn’t going to let the accusation stand and said Roger’s was clearly trying now to go after his reputation.

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News & Record: How an aversion to innovation devolved into incompetence

The News & Record shows no interest in initiating anything creative or original online. The main page of its website is just as likely to feature headlines linking to some click bait about a far-away nothing as it is to anything of local interest. Its local reporting is down to two or three original stories a day and most of those are stenography — having let go the gutsy Margaret Moffett and gutsy Susan Ladd to retain dispassionate writers who specialize in the grand equivocation of regurgitating he said/she said — but that’s another story. Here is how we know that the News & Record really has completely capitulated to a destiny of digital incompetence.

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Discouraging a Teaching Career: The Neglected Salaries of Experienced Teachers in North Carolina

A teacher who starts teaching at 22 years-old in North Carolina and works to a retirement age of 65, will work the last 28 years of her career with only a single $2,000 raise in pay. That is not a typo — that is the state of pay for experienced teachers in North Carolina; teachers who, unsurprisingly, are also the most effective.

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Police: Woman shot, killed in car also occupied with kids may have been in traffic accident with shooter

The victim has been identified as Carolyn Rose Tiger, 26, of Greensboro. Rose was operating a black Nissan which was also occupied by two children at the time of the shooting. The victim’s vehicle was possibly involved in a minor traffic accident with what is described as a newer model light blue Hyundai type vehicle somewhere in the area of S. Elm-Eugene St. and Meadowview Drive. Both cars traveled north on S. Elm-Eugene St. to the area of Patton Ave. where the light blue Hyundai attempted to block in the victim’s vehicle. The driver of the light blue Hyundai got out of his car, retrieved a rifle from his trunk and opened fire on the victim’s vehicle as it was attempting to leave the area.

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Guilford school board approves six new vocational academies to start in 2019

Smith and Southeast high schools would each become home to an academy of advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Kearns Academy and Northeast High would each host an academy of computer science and information science. The Academy at Smith is slated to be an academy of biomedical and specialized health sciences. And Western High will have an academy of transportation, distribution and logistics.

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