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Conflict Of Interest With Cure Violence Contract Continues

Parrish gave an update to the City Council on the Cure Violence contract. He said, “The Cure Violence contract has been agreed to and has been routed. I think One Step Further has signed and we’re waiting on the University of Chicago and then we will route that for signatures.” City Councilmember and Executive Director of One Step Further Yvonne Johnson asked, “How long are they going to be because I’m waiting to pay for a space.”

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State environmental agency cites City of Greensboro with violations for toxic wastewater discharge

Both discharges represent violations of the state water quality standard by not protecting downstream drinking water facilities at EPA’s health advisory level for drinking water. Further, the discharge violated the conditions of the NPDES wastewater permits because the entities did not report the discharge to state officials within 24 hours and failed to implement proper control of industrial discharge.

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Will City Council keep public waiting while bigwigs get special attention?

The City Council has taken to holding closed sessions before the public meeting rather than after, which means the public meetings often start late. But if the council holds the closed meeting after the public meeting then the big wigs the council meets with in closed session have to wait for the unwashed masses to finish with their business before the closed session. The City Council has decided it makes more sense to let a hundred or so of their constituents wait rather than a couple of attorneys or economic development professionals.

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