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With 696 unfixed violations, Agapion-owned Summit Avenue apartments condemned by City

Overall, 144 violations were cleared following the last inspection in May and 696 remain outstanding. The property owner, ARCO Realty [Editor’s note: This is incorrect, the owners are Bill Agapion, Sophia Agapion and Basil Agapion, according to Guilford County property records], requested a 30-day extension on Monday, August 13. The request was denied and a Notice of Condemnation was issued to the owner on Wednesday, August 15, for the non-compliant units.

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Republican lawmakers’ incessant efforts to gain election advantages may backfire in N.C. Supreme Court race

The composition of the North Carolina Supreme Court now consists of four democratic socialists and three Republicans. Republican Justice Barbara Jackson is running for re-election this year. The GOP had recently passed legislation that eliminated judicial primaries. That new law left a vulnerability that the democratic socialists have now exploited. A fellow by the name of Chris Anglin switched parties abruptly to run as a Republican in the general election.

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