Rhino Times The Sound of the Beep: May 5

Well, I’ve been seeing all this stuff about Prince dying. It amazes me. The guy did his movie in ’84, and put out a couple of albums in ’85, ’86 and kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I wasn’t even alive. I wasn’t even born till ’88. So, by the time I started listening to music, Prince had already gone into hiding and disappeared. And never popped back up. I think the only thing I can remember about him is he changed his name to some weird character and had to change it back because nobody knew what it meant. I just think it’s kind of interesting. My mom was telling me that his girlfriend killed herself or died. I think her name was Vanity, or something like that.

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Gen. James Mattis

From Thierry Meyssan: According to Trump, it was fundamental error to have attempted to export by force the Western democratic model to people who had…

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