All deserve respect despite differences

I will not call Larry Emory a “hater” or “bigot.” I will, however, set him straight about a few statements he made (letter, “Yes, we do have a ‘Muslim problem,’ ” Sept. 30) with a reminder that Articl
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The Sound of the Beep: Oct. 1

Rhino. I love your paper. Just curious. I have not seen anything about Gate City Transportation of late. Just curious on the status of that. They were – for fraud. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.
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The Sound of the Beep: Sept. 24

Thank you for your coverage of the Guilford County Animal Shelter. Please continue all coverage regarding Marsha Williams, the nepotism, the drug abuse and the heinous treatment of the animals. It’s hard to find coverage on the news. I watch the news almost every night, and it’s not covered. I was a volunteer and left because of everything that was going on. When I made complaints they were not listened to. It’s about time something was done. Please, continue to keep up us updated on this. Thank you.

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