The Blue Marlin

I have received this email: Capt. X, DIS, Public Force Ministry of Public Safety Costa Rica Mr. Martin: I am contacting you on behalf of…

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The Sound of the Beep: April 7

Hello. I just want to applaud Gov. McCrory and the legislature here in North Carolina for getting rid of that terrible discriminatory ordinance that Charlotte had passed a few weeks back. The ordinance itself actually was discriminatory and illegal. Straight heterosexual persons are not allowed to use the restroom of their choice. They must use the one that matches their anatomy. The LGBT people, however, were being given the choice of either restroom. Now that’s not equal treatment. That’s special treatment. If heterosexual people can only use one restroom, the one that matches their anatomy, then it’s only fair that gay and transgender people be limited to one restroom as well, also the one that matches their anatomy.

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