We need it. We need it.

GREENSBORO, NC — I got a meeting together last December with Nancy Vaughan (Mayor), Ray Trapp (County Commissioner) and Zack Matheny (CEO, Downtown Greensboro, Inc.), and told them all of this. And every one of them agreed, saying we just need money.

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We, The People, call for police video to be public now

GREENSBORO, NC — The Greensboro Police Department (GPD) deploys about 240 body worn cameras daily. But the GPD and city council refuse to allow public access to this footage. This policy of secrecy defies common sense, open government and prevents holding police and council members accountable for how they perform their duties. It leaves the police to police the police and undermines the most basic principle in a self-governing democracy: accountability to the People.

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Payton McGarry Speaks Out

GREENSBORO, NC — I was appalled, I was frightened and very sad and embarrassed to live in a state where the government is legalizing and almost requiring some of this discrimination that I’ve already had come against me.

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