Get Paid For Lost Value Of Wrecked Car


GREENSBORO, NC — A paper clip. If you bend it out of shape and try to make it make look like a paper clip again, well it sort of does. But it’s just not the same as a paper clip that’s never bent pulled apart. That’s the same idea with a car that’s been wrecked. You can put it back together but it’s never quite the same and therefore has lost some of its value.

But if the accident wasn’t your fault, do you have to eat that loss? That doesn’t seem fair. And That’s what 2 Wants to Know’s Lechelle Yates and Call for Action thought when one of your neighbors reached out for help.

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Area Families Struggling After Prepaid Card Glitches


GREENSBORO, N.C. – Tameka Beasley had to get a ride from a friend to our interview because her gas tank:

“It’s on E,” she said.

You see, she gets her whole pay check direct deposited onto a Visa prepaid Rush Card. A card which she says stopped working last week – keeping her from using her own money.

“I’m a single parent with three kids, so it’s very stressful to just maintain everyday life. Getting to work. Food. Household expenditures like lights, water, rent,” Beasley said.

She’s not alone. Tanya Washington was buying groceries when her Rush card was denied.

“First of all, it was embarrassing, secondly, you’re like where your money at? Where’s your money?” Washington said.

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