Articles by Roch Smith Jr

News & Record: How an aversion to innovation devolved into incompetence

The News & Record shows no interest in initiating anything creative or original online. The main page of its website is just as likely to feature headlines linking to some click bait about a far-away nothing as it is to anything of local interest. Its local reporting is down to two or three original stories a day and most of those are stenography — having let go the gutsy Margaret Moffett and gutsy Susan Ladd to retain dispassionate writers who specialize in the grand equivocation of regurgitating he said/she said — but that’s another story. Here is how we know that the News & Record really has completely capitulated to a destiny of digital incompetence.

A better way to improve City Council’s public forums

These forums are not becoming heated just because people want to blow off steam. People are coming to these forums because they perceive a need for action and, just as in the past, the atmosphere is getting raucous because elected officials are side-stepping concerns and remain immune to facts brought to their attention.

Why does WGHP MyFox8 keep failing to identify owners of problematic apartments?

On February 14, WGHP MyFox8 posted to its website a story by reporter Aleksandra Bush about plans by the City of Greensboro to take over repairs of an apartment complex at which five children died in a fire in 2018. The story erroneously reported the owners of the apartment complex as Arco Realty and WGHP has failed to correct it — it is at least the third time WGHP has done this. To report Arco Realty as the owners of the property, as WGHP did, is not only demonstrably wrong, it conceals the people actually responsible for the building. Why would WGHP keep doing that?