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John Hammer joins city attorney in misdirection to cover for Outling

GREENSBORO, NC — This is the kind of malarkey honest people despise. It is the kind of malarkey that lead fed-up voters to vote for Donald Trump and it is the kind of malarkey Hammer used to squash with gusto. One would have to be an idiot to believe that ending the “process” would result in anything other than taking the contract from Cigna and giving the business instead to Brooks Pierce client United Healthcare.

Councilman Outling may have violated lawyers’ ethics rules with health insurance contract antics

GREENSBORO, NC — An ethics advisory from the North Carolina State Bar says, “An attorney who serves as a member of a county or municipal governing board, or State or federal legislative body, or any entity thereunder, or committee thereof, shall not hear or consider any matter coming before that governing body or entity in which that member or his firm has any direct or indirect interest.” This seems to describe exactly what Justin Outling did in intervening to stop the awarding of a city contract to the competitor of one of his firm’s clients.

Exclusive: Councilman’s law firm registered lobbyists for health insurance company he helped with official act

GREENSBORO, NC — Greensboro city council representative Justin Outling intervened at the last city council meeting to stop the awarding of the city’s health insurance contract to the company staff had chosen. Having come down to United Healthcare and Cigna Health Insurance, the proposals were reviewed by an independent consultant, multiple city departments and the city manager. The contract was awarded to Cigna pending council approval. When the item came up at the city council meeting, Outling stepped in to stop the award of the contract to Cigna with a motion council approved 6 to 3. It turns out United Healthcare is not just a client of Outling’s firm, but two of Outling’s fellow lawyers at his firm are registered with the state as official and active lobbyists for United Healthcare.

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