Articles by Roch Smith Jr

Fake! News & Record publishes apparently plagiarized column from Procter & Gamble employees

GREENSBORO, NC — The News & Record published an opinion piece yesterday it identified as having been written by Kevin Hazel and John Sorjonen. The authors, who are local employees of Procter & Gamble, appear to have plagiarized the piece almost entirely. A cursory search, apparently beyond the interest of the N&R editorial page editor, reveals that what the News & Record published is corporate propaganda previously published—nearly identical, but for a few words—under the names of other Procter & Gamble employees in other publications.

Outling sneers at request to rectify his ethics code violations

GREENSBORO, NC — On August 15, 2017, Councilman Justin Outling excused himself from two votes on city contracts, one for Level 3 Communications and the other for United Healthcare. He did so without explaining why he was withdrawing. He kept those reasons secret, a violation of city’s conflict of interest ordinance. Watch what happens when a citizen asks him to rectify that ethics violation by explaining in public the nature of his conflicts.

Outling fails to reveal conflicts in violation of state-mandated ethics policy

GREENSBORO, NC — The state-mandated city council ethics policy demands that council members reveal when they have a conflict of interest on a matter that comes before them, that they do so on the public record, describe “all such material facts” and recuse themselves. Failure to do so is “malfeasance in office” and the offender is to “forfeit his office or position.” City council member Justin Outling twice recused himself from council votes at a recent meeting without saying why as is required by the city’s ethics policy. Instead, he used his time to blame his lack of an ethical compass on the city attorney.

Don’t make me cut my dog’s balls off; why the proposed county spay/neuter ordinance is a bad idea

The Guilford County Commissioners will consider an ordinance at their Thursday evening meeting that would require people to spay and neuter their pets. It is an overbearing and over-reaching government that would tell its citizens they must have surgery performed on their pets. And giving people of means an opportunity to buy their way out from this ordinance for $200 creates one set of laws for people of means and another set of laws for the middle class and poor who don’t have an extra $200 at their disposal. It would be shameful if Guilford County went down the path of allowing people to buy exceptions to its laws. That’s downright un-American.

False News! WGHP MyFox8 ignores county’s pleas and leaves incorrect spay/neuter story online

GREENSBORO, NC — WGHP MyFox8 posted a story last night titled “Guilford County Commissioners to pet owners: spay/neuter or pay up.” It says the County Commissioners passed an ordinance last night that will require people to pay a $200 fee or have their pet spayed or neutered. That is false according to multiple officials. The Commissioners agreed last night to schedule a public hearing on the proposal for September 21st before they vote on it. Despite the error being brought to the attention of the reporter and the news director by multiple people, including the Clerk to the Commissioners, the false story remains online and uncorrected more than 18 hours after it was posted. Read more to see what’s really up with the proposal.