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Local church founders inspired by Billy Graham

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Pete Kivett was just out of high school when he went to Billy Graham’s Greensboro crusade in the 1950s. “The mind-blowing of the crowd of the people that were there,” Kivett said. “If I remember correctly, there wasn’t even sitting room inside.” Little did he know, he was about to become a part of a community he never left. “It’s actually the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” Kivett said. He joined a couple of founders who […]

Hundreds of donated prom dresses to be given away in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — From classic styles to party dresses, the Community Theatre of Greensboro will go from playhouse to prom headquarters this weekend. “Walk around, see which dresses they’re interested in,” said Roz Fulton, education and artistic director for the Community Theater of Greensboro. She came up with the idea after a huge donation. Bill Wollert donated more than 500 new dresses to the theater before closing his bridal store Bridal Mart in Burlington during the summer. Most of the […]