A Ben Folds lovefest

Before Ben Folds became the musical force he is today, he was a kid from Winston-Salem who went to UNCG and played in a band called Majosha.

Citing artistic differences the band broke up in May,

And in June reformed without me, and they got a different name.

“Army,” by Ben Folds Five, 1999

It’s taken as gospel truth in these parts, spelled out plainly in the lyrics from Ben Folds’ “Army,” which he recorded in 1999.

The story — as it’s told in bars and rock clubs and anywhere else in the Triad where they strum guitars and hold vague recollections of what it was like Back in the Day — harkens back to Majosha, a super group of sorts whose members at times included local musicians Evan Olson, Eddie Walker and Millard Powers.

And if you believe the story — and the song — you assume that the guys from Majosha kicked Ben Folds out of his own band, only to regret it as Folds’ star began its brilliant ascendance.

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