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$$$ millions more

GREENSBORO, NC — The cost of the next phase of the “urban loop,” the six lane highway encircling Greensboro, will cost millions of dollars more than its currently estimated $88 million as a court ruled yesterday that adjacent neighbors are entitled to compensation for lost property values. The section of the highway affected is just to the north of Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

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Triad City Beat exposes shadowy police unit

GREENSBORO, NC — There is no mention of a “civil emergency unit” on the city of Greensboro’s website. Marikay Abuzuaiter, the chair of Greensboro City Council’s public safety committee, said she had never heard of it, and committee vice-chair Tony Wilkins doesn’t think he has either but, behind the scenes, the Greensboro Police Department has been preparing for “civil unrest,” quietly assembling a special team and equipment to respond. | Related: Transparency hot topic at Greensboro police community meeting

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Not guilty

GREENSBORO, NC — Jovon Derrell Clarke was declared innocent Friday in the Apr. 24, 2013 shooting death of 28-year-old Michael Thomas McLaurin at the Margate on Cone apartments. He also was found not guilty of possession of a firearm by a felon.

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You can go home again

GREENSBORO, NC — After 12 years away, Gary Kenton returns to Greensboro and shares his impressions of the city now. An acute observer when he previously lived here, he finds good and bad in the changes he sees on his return.

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GREENSBORO, NC — The United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina dismisses Black Network Television lawsuit against City of Greensboro. While not a factor in the judge’s decision, BNT had made representations to the Greensboro City Council about their network and their show “Watcha Cooking” in a presentation that included an edited magazine cover that made it appear as if an article about the show was on the cover. The fake was discovered by a local blogger. Related: Did sitcom producer try to bamboozle city council with fake magazine cover?

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GREENSBORO, NC – As video surfaces showing animal cruelty at a North Carolina chicken farm, the News & Record’s Doug Clark reminds us of the local state representatives who voted for a new law, effective next year, that makes it a crime to document such abuses on video. They are Phil Berger, John Blust, John Faircloth and veterinarian Trudy Wade. Related: Video leads to criminal charges for “malicious” killings. | The video (disturbing content).

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