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North Carolina’s Debacle Reveals How Easily LGBTQ People Can Be Abandoned By Everyone

We’ve always known that politicians, after all, can’t often be relied upon, and will do a complete turnaround, which is often the nature of politics. And that was true of Cooper, who very narrowly won the North Carolina election last year on a promise of repealing HB2 and with thousands of LGBTQ people and their allies raising money for him and getting the vote out. The stinging slap in the face must be challenged, but it’s something that has been all too familiar, and, frankly, isn’t a shocker. Regarding the college athletic programs, however, like the NCAA, which announced it is returning to North Carolina after this sham, and the Atlantic Coast Conference, which indicated it is likely to do the same, many LGBTQ activists were genuinely shocked.

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GREENSBORO, NC — According to an article by News & Record business reporter, Dick Baron, the News & Record is laying off thirty six people (reportedly including 9 reporters). The article has been removed from the paper’s website, but here is a copy reporting the layoffs:

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This feels dirty

A victory for North Carolina felt an awful lot like a defeat today when the General Assembly chased down a loose basketball and found itself in an uncomfortable corner. Now what are we supposed to do? Throw a party? While falling all over themselves to make this look like a palatable solution to a looming disaster, our politicians managed once again to make us all look bad. And for what? Basketball.

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Budd & Walker vote to allow service providers to sell your internet history

Republicans Mark Walker and Tedd Budd, Greensboro’s representatives in Congress, voted to approve a bill that will block rules that would have prohibited internet service providers from selling their customers’ browsing history, location, app usage and even social security numbers to third parties without customers’ consent. Every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the bill.

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