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Stanford professor draws maps to correct NC gerrymanders. Now he wants feedback.

RALEIGH, NC — The Stanford University law professor tapped to draw maps for federal judges considering the constitutionality of election lines adopted in August by North Carolina lawmakers has released a draft plan. Nathaniel Persily, selected less than two weeks ago to look at districts in Guilford, Hoke, Cumberland, Wake and Mecklenburg counties adopted to elect General Assembly members, has asked for feedback from lawmakers and challengers of the 2017 maps.

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Mike Barber, the Born Again Conservative

GREENSBORO, NC — Barber served on council when they kept tax rates constant in the face of rising property assessments, thereby raising taxes. He served on council when various fees were raised repeatedly. I don’t recall his having made a highly public stance demanding our tax rate be brought in line with other southeastern cities.

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Outling sneers at request to rectify his ethics code violations

GREENSBORO, NC — On August 15, 2017, Councilman Justin Outling excused himself from two votes on city contracts, one for Level 3 Communications and the other for United Healthcare. He did so without explaining why he was withdrawing. He kept those reasons secret, a violation of city’s conflict of interest ordinance. Watch what happens when a citizen asks him to rectify that ethics violation by explaining in public the nature of his conflicts.

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