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General Assembly could move to break up local school districts

GREENSBORO, NC — The three school systems that existed before consolidation — Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County — were merged in the hope of achieving administrative efficiency as well as equity for all children in the county. The magnet programs that give students the opportunity to attend schools across the county have been one benefit, but not everyone would agree that the merger has been all positive. It created contention when school leaders tried to promote racial diversity throughout the system by altering school attendance zones, for example. That effort has largely been abandoned.

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Hundreds show up for Rep. Ted Budd’s one-on-one ‘town hall’

GREENSBORO, NC — Healthcare and allegations about Russian interference in the 2016 election were the most widely cited concerns during the event, with many though not all expressing disappointment that the congressman chose to receive people one on one rather than in a traditional town-hall format. Upwards of a dozen people attempted with limited success to make the event into a town hall by sitting on the floor and shushing the crowd so Budd’s responses could be heard. Some of those close to the huddle called out the topic for the benefit of the audience. Constituents waited for 15 to 20 minutes in the huddle waiting their turn to speak with the congressman, while those on the outside strained to catch snippets of the verbal exchanges.

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