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Obstinance on HB 2 repeal killing Tournament Town

GREENSBORO, NC — On the one-year anniversary of House Bill 2 becoming the law of the land in North Carolina, the NCAA sent the state a note on Twitter. It wasn’t a happy little greeting card. It was a reminder that the state stands to lose its chance to host any neutral-site NCAA championships from now through the 2021-22 school year. “Absent any change in the law, our position remains the same regarding hosting current or future events in the state,” the NCAA statement read. ($$$ — fee may be required.)

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Walker favors Trumpcare’s increase in uninsured, not enough for Budd

The behind-the-scenes, political drama is unfolding against a backdrop that leaves many, North Carolina hospital and health-care executives “concerned about the potential for the more than 545,000 newly insured North Carolinians to lose their coverage,” said Julie Henry, spokeswoman for the North Carolina Hospital Association, referring to thousands of state residents enrolled in health plans linked to Obamacare. ($$$ — fee may be required.)

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NCAA trades North Carolina’s discriminatory practices for Greenville’s racist symbols

GREENSBORO, NC — The NCAA is holding up its announcement of future tournament sites, giving North Carolina more time to repeal HB 2. It’s looking like that’s unlikely. Greensboro was to have been the host of the first- and second-round games that ended up in Greenville, a gesture by the NCAA that North Carolina needed to learn a lesson and that South Carolina had already learned its lesson. Which we now know it hasn’t. ($$$ — fee may be required.)

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