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Democracy Greensboro: Instead of having politicians tell us what they think we want to hear, we will tell them what we want

GREENSBORO, NC — This year’s election is more important than ever since council members will now be elected to serve four years instead of two. This election also offers us a chance to counter last year’s federal and state elections, which further empowered those representing the interests of the elite at the expense of the common people. This November we must elect council members who stand for fairness and a just, truly democratic society, values held by a majority of Greensboro’s residents.

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False News! WGHP MyFox8 ignores county’s pleas and leaves incorrect spay/neuter story online

GREENSBORO, NC — WGHP MyFox8 posted a story last night titled “Guilford County Commissioners to pet owners: spay/neuter or pay up.” It says the County Commissioners passed an ordinance last night that will require people to pay a $200 fee or have their pet spayed or neutered. That is false according to multiple officials. The Commissioners agreed last night to schedule a public hearing on the proposal for September 21st before they vote on it. Despite the error being brought to the attention of the reporter and the news director by multiple people, including the Clerk to the Commissioners, the false story remains online and uncorrected more than 18 hours after it was posted. Read more to see what’s really up with the proposal.

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Outling received United Healthcare lobbyist contribution on day he stopped city contract from going to competitor

GREENSBORO, NC — City council representative Justin Outling acted in his official capacity to block the awarding of a city contract to Cigna and to steer it to United Healthcare, one of his law firm’s clients. On the day he acted, Outling received a campaign contribution from a state registered lobbyist for United Healthcare.

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Greensboro News & Record property up for sale

GREENSBORO, NC — The News & Record, which traces its roots to 1890, has operated on the Market Street site since 1976. From the early 1920s until 1976, the newspaper was on Davie Street. Beginning in October, the daily printing of the News & Record will move to the newly expanded BH Media Print Facility in Winston-Salem.
After the building is sold, News & Record officials plan to move into a new space in or near downtown Greensboro.

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Another gritty effort sends Hoppers to playoffs

GREENSBORO, NC — Officially, things ended this way: Greensboro in first place with a 38–30 record and a .559 percentage. West Virginia, which did win its game, finished second at 39–31 with a .557 percentage. Next up for the Hoppers is a best-of-three playoff series against Kannapolis. The first game will be played Wednesday at 7 p.m. at First National Bank Field. After a day off Thursday, Kannapolis will host the second game Friday and, if needed, the third game Saturday. The winner moves on to the championship series against either Greenville or Charleston from the Southern Division.

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