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As Greensboro hosts its last National Folk Festival, new event planned

GREENSBORO, NC — Even as the city prepares to host its third and final National Folk Festival in September, it’s laying the groundwork for the event’s successor: the North Carolina Folk Festival. ArtsGreensboro and the city will lead the group that will produce the new North Carolina Folk Festival starting in 2018, when the national event moves to Salisbury, Md.

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Game Over: Greensboro police cracking down on ‘Fish Table Games’

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Investigators are starting to crack down on businesses that operate “fish games,” large scale table-mounted video games that pay cash rewards to players, after a pattern of violent crimes associate with the businesses. Greensboro Police are hand-delivering letters to 37 businesses known to have such machines, then giving them 30 days to stop the operation of the machines. The games are considered illegal. Per North Carolina law, “any machine which, for the payment of money is operated in such a way that the operator receives a cash payout of any kinds, irrespective of whether the game requires skill or dexterity,” is prohibited.

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Schools make final case for increase in funding to Guilford commissioners

The $10 million more Guilford County Schools requested from the county is more about treading water than embarking on reform, Superintendent Sharon Contreras said Thursday. Contreras made her budget-request debut before the Guilford County commissioners, hoping to secure an additional $10.2 million a year in operating funds, as well as a separate $10 million for facilities needs. “I would like to say that by fully funding this budget request we can start addressing the vision I’ve laid out for you regarding where we need to go as a school system and as a community,” she told the commissioners during a budget work session. “However, the reality is that such a request would have exceeded $40 million or more.”

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Former City Manager Denise Turner Roth ‘demonstrated a unique level of cowardice and self-preservation’ in final days at fed agency

Following the 2016 election, many journalists wondered how she would handle the conflict of interest presented by the fact that the businessman leasing federal property for Trump International Hotel in Washington was suddenly in transition to become the president of the United States. Carefully weighing her options, Roth chose to do… nothing during her final days at General Service Administration before joining WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, a firm that does business with… the federal government.

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