Former Congressman Howard Coble Could Head Home Soon


GREENSBORO, NC – Former 6th Congressman Howard Coble could soon be discharged from a Cone Health Rehab facility. That’s the latest from Coble’s brother, Ray.

He tells us Cone Health doctors are evaluating Coble’s progress, and he could soon return to Well Spring in Greensboro. Well Spring is the retirement community Howard Coble lives in.

Ray Coble says his brother still spends most his days resting.  Coble has been receiving medical care for 45 straight days now because of complications with a skin cancer surgery.

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Americans Who Tell the Truth

An extraordinary art and education exhibit is coming to Greensboro in just a few weeks. It is called “Americans Who Tell the Truth.” Fifty-two of its more than 200 acrylic-on-wood life-size portraits will be on display both at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum and at Guilford College Art Gallery Nov. 16 to Feb. 14. On the web at:

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Student Apartments Condemned Due To Drooping Floors


GREENSBORO, N.C. — The City of Greensboro condemned two units at Sebastian Village Apartments last week due to a failing floor system and sagging ceilings.

This comes less than a week after a fight at another apartment owned by the same company sent 21-year-old NC A&T Thomas Bynum to the hospital. 2 Wants to Know also found hundreds of calls to 911 from the same complex over the past two years, including a murder of an A&T student last year.

The condemned units come after a party thrown by the students living in the apartment with the drooping floors. The city said around 100 people were there, but the tenants refute that.

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