Records document City Manager’s disturbing conduct surrounding parking decks

GREENSBORO, NC — Recently released documents reveal that City Manager Jim Westmoreland made misrepresentations to city council, to the public and in a sworn affidavit; that he suppressed information and opinions from staff and department heads that contradicted his position on the need for parking decks; and that he instructed the chief of police to deploy police personnel to gather intelligence on non-criminal matters to bolster his position (with indications the chief complied).

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Black Theology panel gives new perspective on Faith

On Thursday, Feb. 8, Guilford community members gathered for a panel on black theology. Panelists included board member of the Renaissance Community Cooperative Casey Thomas ’10, University of North Carolina at Greensboro graduate Ayah Khalifa, vice chair of the Justice and Reconciliation Team in the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church Rev. […]
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Tension, rumors lead to increased police presence at Grimsley High

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Trying to go back to routine isn’t easy after a mass shooting at a Florida High School Wednesday. “That really created tension across the United States to any student, any parent of a child,” Greensboro Police Department Deputy Chief Mike Richey said. Richey says that tension created a situation ripe for rumors at Grimsley High School. Police say it started with a small fight between a couple students in the morning. The rumors kept growing, as someone posted […]
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