G.P.D. meeting to improve community relations rescheduled 2 hours before start, people upset

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Several residents turned out Thursday evening for a community meeting with police only to find no one was there. “Extremely disappointed,” said Phyllis Goins, who came to the Peeler Center for the scheduled meeting that was slated to help improve communication between police and residents. “I went to great measure to be […]
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Cost To Change Gate City Blvd. Signs Triples


Cost To Change Gate City Blvd. Signs Triples

GREENSBORO, N.C. – At Justin’s Diner in Greensboro, lately some customers are feeling a little scrambled.

“It confuses people,” Owner Justin said.

You see, the city changed the name of the street signs outside the restaurant to Gate City Boulevard in July. But when you’re driving on the highway, all the road signs still say High Point Road and Lee Street. Not Gate City Boulevard.”

“They get to high point road, it’s not high point road anymore. It says Gate City Boulevard,” Justin said.

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San Bernadino

I’ve avoided the increasingly frequent senseless acts of violence and murder for exactly that reason.  The less than ignorant attacks against abortion clinics are especially…

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GCS Teacher Resigns After ‘Inappropriate’ Discipline of a Student


GREENSBORO, N.C.– A Guilford County Schools’ teacher has resigned amid an investigation over the way she disciplined some kindergarten students.

According to a spokesperson with GCS, Tiffani Staton was a kindergarten teacher at Wiley Elementary School, where the incident happened. Staton resigned as of today, GCS confirmed. She’s been with the school system since August of 2013.

GCS Spokesperson Nora Carr would not elaborate on the specifics of the ‘inappropriate discipline’, but she did send WFMY News 2 this statement:

“We are deeply concerned that this occurred. There is no reason to discipline a child in this manner at school. We expect our 10,000 employees to show only the greatest care and concern for our students, and the vast majority of our staff do so each and every day.

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