Susan Ladd: City should regard police body camera footage as public record

GREENSBORO, NC — The city’s policy begins with the assumption that most footage will remain closed and outlines the few instances when it can be released. The proposal from the resident’s group, led by retired civil rights attorney Lewis Pitts, begins with the assumption that most footage will be open to the public, and outlines the few instances when it can be withheld. This is an important distinction that reflects the underlying philosophy about why officers wear body cameras in the first place. ($$$ — fee may be required.)

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Teachers protest in Greensboro for more funding, repeal of HB2

GREENSBORO, N.C. – For three hours, educators protested in downtown Greensboro. There were dozens of people — teachers, parents, and principals, known collectively as the Schools Our Students Deserve Coalition. They were advocating for changes in the Guilford County School System. The first issue they discussed, in-depth, was funding for public schools. Educators say there […]
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Joe Killian gives Congressman Mark Walker a well deserved spanking

GREENSBORO, NC — The song, which is so popular with Vietnam veterans that Fogerty himself has performed it for them at veterans events for years, isn’t about draft dodging. It’s about the frustration those serving in the military feel over having their destinies determined by chickenhawks…you know, like members of Congress (and their fortunate sons) who talk tough on defense and military issues without ever actually having served in uniform themselves.

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