Investment in Bryan Park already paying off

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Soccer is a growing sport and the Greensboro United Soccer Association’s President knew as it grows in popularity, so will the demand for a facility that can host major tournaments. That’s why Pete Polonsky pushed for an expansion of Bryan Park, to keep Greensboro’s position as the top tournament town for soccer in America. “Now there’s lots of options and we are the best option for that in North Carolina and we’re one of the best options in […]
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VF Corp. to sell Nautica brand; stock drops 10% after losses due to tax code changes

VF Corp., Greensboro-based parent company of brands such as Vans, Wrangler and The North Face, has announced the decision to sell its well-known brand Nautica.

The move comes after a year of the company selling all licensing brands it owned, including JanSport and Majestic, to Fanatics, Inc. These discontinued operations led to a $17.3 million loss for the fourth quarter.

VF (NYSE: VFC) purchased Nautica Enterprises Inc. in 2003 for $600 million.

VF saw its stock drop 10.8 percent Friday near…

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