Guilford County teachers get extra training with reading materials

The school system adopted the ARC materials and approach district-wide for grades four through nine after piloting it at Gillespie among other schools last year. More than 400,000 books for students have been delivered to schools around the district since May 2016. The books cover many different categories: fun reading, literature, science, sports fiction and so forth. And they are all sorted for reading level and elementary, middle or high school age-appropriateness. ($$$ — fee may be required.)

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Greensboro man killed in Fayetteville train collision

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Greensboro man was killed and another man was injured after their disabled vehicle was hit by a freight train in Fayetteville Sunday morning, police said.

The incident happened around 2 a.m. on the railroad tracks at the intersection of Franklin and Winslow streets.

Two of the vehicle’s four occupants were able to escape when the vehicle became disabled on the tracks.

Two others were unable get out before the train plowed into the 2010 Honda.

Christopher Locklear, 50, of the 3800 block of Mizell Road in Greensboro died, police said.

The driver, William Jacobs, 51, of the 1900 block of Old Baker Road in Maxton was flown to UNC Hospital early Sunday morning, where he is listed in serious yet stable condition, according to police.

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Toddler that was mauled by two dogs is improving

GREENSBORO, NC — The toddler that was mauled by two dogs in Greensboro is improving, according to his family.

19-month-old Montaserbilla Hjazi is still recovering at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Police say two pit bulls attacked him in his own backyard in Greensboro this week.

The dogs belonged to the next door neighbor, who has been charged with a misdemeanor in connection to the attack.

The victim’s parents, Ibrahim Ahmad Hjazi and Al Bardan Amani Mohammad, spent the last week by their son’s side.

They are a family of refugees from Syria.

They just moved to Greensboro about seven months ago, along with their five young children.

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