Don’t Believe The Gmail Docs Test Email

GREENSBORO, NC — I love it when the schemers send 2WTK an email. It makes it that much easier for us to warn you about what is about to be in your inbox.

The subject line is Gmail Document Share Test. The email appears to be GoogleDocs, but the actual address is Usually a scheme email is sent in a mass email, but this one is to a specific address. In the body of the email it says Gmail is testing Gmail Document Share and you need to click on the link to verify you have access.

It seems straight to the point. No one is asking for money. There are no telltale signs of misspellings or bad grammar.

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Homeless Evicted From Private Property

GREENSBORO, N.C.– A group of homeless people in Greensboro are being evicted from an area they’ve called ‘home’ for the past three years.

The homeless camp is located off S. Murrow Blvd. and the owner of the property has asked them to leave.

The Greensboro Police Department received a complaint from a citizen in the area about the camp. The department then notified the landowner, who is based in California.

The landowner told police he wanted to enforce his property rights and evict the people living on his land.

According to police, the landowner also said he was unaware of the homeless camp that’s made up of about 12 people.

The Interactive Resource Center (IRC), which helps homeless people, is working with those kicked off the property find somewhere to go.

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Boston Cancels Greensboro Concerts

GREENSBORO, N.C.– The fallout continues over North Carolina’s much debated and controversial HB2 Law.

Monday, the musical group ‘Boston’ announced it was canceling the three scheduled concerts in Greensboro and ones scheduled for Charlotte and Raleigh.

Friday, Cirque du Soleil canceled all of their NC appearances.

Bruce Springsteen canceled his concert earlier this month that was scheduled for April 10.

Boston’s lead singer Tom Scholz released this statement about the cancellation:

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Foot Health: The importance of proper shoe fit

Choosing the right pair of shoes to wear on a regular basis can help ensure the long-term health of your feet, as well as your entire body. The best fit for you depends on your daily use, but nothing is more important than comfort. Not only do ill-fitting shoes make you uncomfortable all day, but […]
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Boston cancels upcoming shows in 3 NC cities in response to HB2

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The rock band, Boston, announced Monday that it is canceling upcoming shows in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh in response to the passage of House Bill 2. The upcoming shows were scheduled for May 4, 5 and 6. In a press release, the founder of Boston, Tom Scholz, wrote: “HB2 has the appearance […]
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