‘Smoke This’ Serving It Up Hot

LEXINGTON, N.C. — What do two retired UPS workers, a retired Highway patrolman, and a mulch guy have in common? That’s BBQ and barbecue is serious business in these parts.

Dennis Dowling of Greensboro spends a lot of time on the road serving up smoked hot barbecue. He’s part of a team with three others who travel to barbecue competitions across the southeast.

Dowling and his crew make up, “Smoke This” from Hickory, North Carolina. The “Smoke This” crew are serving it up this weekend at the BBQ Capital Cook-Off in Lexington where up to $20,000 is on the line and so are bragging rights.

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2 Thank Teachers Needs Your Help

GREENSBORO, N.C. – 2 Wants To Know’s asking you to be part of our new series 2 Thank Teachers. It’s all to show teachers how much the community appreciates them. So we’re asking you to nominate schools to be rewarded. Just e-mail your submission to

We’ll pick the best ones, so make sure to give us the reason why that campus deserves it.

All of this started after a Facebook live.

We had a group brainstorming session to look for ways to boost teacher morale and teacher attendance. And this is just one of several of your good ideas we’ll be following up on in the next few weeks and months.

To see more investigations like this follow 2 Wants To Know’s Ben Briscoe on social media:

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Greensboro business owners get creative to market to customers during construction

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Kerrie Orrell’s business has been on the corner of North Eugene and West Smith streets for 14 years now. Recently, construction moved Orrell to make a video letting customers know about where to park while sitting on top of one of the tractors. As of Friday night, the video had more than 6,000 views. She and her social media manager coordinated and decided to shoot the video Thursday with drone aerial shots. “We need to make this fun, make […]
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Longtime Triad radio personality Wes Jones dies at 68

Longtime radio personality Wes Jones has passed away after having surgery earlier this evening. Jones was a fixture on the airwaves of multiple local stations for years. His most successful position came when he teamed up with Willie Edwards to form the area’s first two-man morning team in 1977 at WRQK 98.7 in Greensboro. They were on that station for 10 years before moving their show to WKOQ in Lexington in 1986. Jones also worked at local stations WMAG, WMFR, WIST and WLXN. […]
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Critters Visit WFMY News 2!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s Friday. Why not bring exotic animals into the newsroom?!

That’s what we did – and it was awesome!

Tara Culbertson is a teacher at Piedmont Classical High School. She’s also a big supporter of exotic animals in need of good homes.

She started a program that allows her students to socialize with her foster pets.

Tara let us interact with some of her foster animals – a chinchilla, a guinea pig, an iguana, and a gecko.

Copyright 2017 WFMY

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