2 Test: Siri Vs. Hound: A New Voice…

It seems another voice assistant is set on outsmarting Siri, Cortana and Google Now. A new app called Hound has some new voice search tricks, that are supposed to blow Siri and Google Now away.

It’s a free app made by the company Soundhound. What makes it different is that it can handle multiple layers of a spoken question.

So for example, you don’t have to just ask for nearby hotel. You should be able to ask for what hotels are available in a certain place on a certain day for a max cost and if it’s pet friendly.

2 Wants To Know pitted the app against Siri in a LIVE 2 Test.

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Greensboro man giving new life to old books

This edition of Roy’s Folks is about a Greensboro man who is a book binder. He can take worn out books that have completely fallen apart and put them back together as good as new. He puts on new bindings, covers and even repairs torn pages. For more information, visit
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Prepare for the Spring Allergy Season

GREENSBORO, N.C. — How can you not love the sunshine and temperatures near the 70s? Spring officially begins in about two weeks.

Even though it’s beautiful, It means people with allergies are starting to get itchy eyes and a runny nose.
And all that sneezing.
It means people with allergies are starting to get itchy eyes and a runny nose and all that sneezing.
It might only be early March, but you can start preparing before your symptoms get too bad.
Start taking medicine early. Most medicines work best if taken before pollen hits the air. Some allergists recommend taking medicine two weeks before symptoms typically surface.
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