Ted Budd, Obamacare saved my life. Without it, I would have been uninsurable for the rest of my days.

GREENSBORO, NC — Back in 2013, when I lost my job, I lost my health insurance. During my year out of work, I also got cancer. Obamacare saved my life. Without it, I would have been uninsurable for the rest of my days. A few weeks ago, I received some unexpected bad news. My cancer has returned. My future is uncertain. But one thing is for sure: While Obamacare once saved me, Trumpcare could now kill me.

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Real election story is Russian collusion

So people running for office seek “dirt” on their opponents to get leverage in the election! Nothing new there! What is new is the fact that our 2016 presidential election was compromised, not by 3-5 million voters illegally voting for…
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Susan Ladd: Tiny Houses Greensboro provides a model for success

GREENSBORO, NC — Some of the best ideas begin with that preface. The idea for Tiny Houses Greensboro began in 2012 with a conversation between Walter Jamison, who was living in a tent across from the Interactive Resource Center, and Liz Seymour, who was then director of the day center for people experiencing homelessness. “If I could just build myself a little house, some walls around my tent, I would be fine,” Jamison said. ($$$ –fee may be required.)

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Obama ‘destroyed’ our nation? Really?

After reading Elizabeth Jones’ July 15 letter, I found it fascinating how the human mind works. We basically remember things the way we want to remember them. Ms. Jones indicated that, under President Obama, we became a “destroyed nation.” She…
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Time to take stock of immunizations

As we start thinking about sending our adolescents back to school, it’s important that we remember that, while buying new backpacks and school supplies and signing up for sports and after-school activities, we also need to make sure our kids’…
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