Articles by Roch Smith Jr

The News & Record’s gutless parking deck editorial

The News & Record’s editorial Stacking the Deck chastises the Greensboro city council for imperiling the public trust with the city’s mishandling of the downtown parking deck projects. Unfortunately, the editorial elides the specific bad acts that are causing a loss of public trust and, instead, blames city council only for failing to manage public skepticism. It’s a gutless diversion that attempts to right the ship without rocking the boat.

Fake! News & Record publishes apparently plagiarized column from Procter & Gamble employees

GREENSBORO, NC — The News & Record published an opinion piece yesterday it identified as having been written by Kevin Hazel and John Sorjonen. The authors, who are local employees of Procter & Gamble, appear to have plagiarized the piece almost entirely. A cursory search, apparently beyond the interest of the N&R editorial page editor, reveals that what the News & Record published is corporate propaganda previously published—nearly identical, but for a few words—under the names of other Procter & Gamble employees in other publications.

Outling sneers at request to rectify his ethics code violations

GREENSBORO, NC — On August 15, 2017, Councilman Justin Outling excused himself from two votes on city contracts, one for Level 3 Communications and the other for United Healthcare. He did so without explaining why he was withdrawing. He kept those reasons secret, a violation of city’s conflict of interest ordinance. Watch what happens when a citizen asks him to rectify that ethics violation by explaining in public the nature of his conflicts.