Articles by Roch Smith Jr

Allen Johnson props up Jeff Sykes’ straw man

GREENSBORO, NC — Opinion editor of the News & Record Allen Johnson wags his finger at protesters who disrupted a city council meeting last week. That’s his prerogative and he makes some good points. What is not okay though is when he props up a misrepresentation to kick off his piece.

Now we know just how full of it Nancy Vaughan and Justin Outling were

GREENSBORO, NC — In a press conference this week, Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan and district 3 council representative Justin Outling fretted that there was nothing they could do to release police body camera video showing the arrest of a 15 year-old. Meanwhile, Winston-Salem went to a judge to get permission to release body camera video of one of their police officers making an arrest. A judge consented and that video was released this afternoon, revealing just how disingenuous was Vaughan and Outling’s hand wringing.

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