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2 New Penguins At Science Center

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The youngest penguins at the Greensboro Science Center joined the rest of the colony and they’re having no problem fitting in!

Simon was born in November and Sinclair was born in December.

Both penguins stayed out of the exhibit until their feathers came in — and they learned how to swim.

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The Man Responsible for the Iconic…

GREENSBORO, NC – You may or may not know the name Alexander Julian. But, if you’re a March Madness fan or a Tar Heels lover, it’s a name you should recognize.

Julian is the man responsible for the Tar Heels’ men’s iconic basketball jerseys.

In the late 1980s Julian, a designer on a business trip in London, received a call from none other than Dean Smith.

“Being born and raised in Chapel Hill, to have Coach Smith call you and ask you to do new uniforms for the Tar Heels was like, truly like God calling and asking for new halos for the archangels.”

Julian’s designs were already being recognized in the sports world by the time he talked to Smith.

Morehead Elem. Students Get New Kicks

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A fresh pair of kicks can go a long way for a kids mindset.

And more than 100 Guilford County Students have new shoes that aren’t just for looks – they’re really needed!

The Non-profit running program called “GO Far’ donated new shoes to 103 students at Morehead Elementary School.

PE teacher Vicky Fowler says some students only have hand-me-down shoes – or need to borrow shoes for class.

The shoes were donated by Omega Sports of the Triad and New Balance.

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